MCaetano.com appears in 2012 as a small blog containing some photographic work performed by one amateur photographer. What began as a way to share some photos taken casually quickly evolved into a more professional work, mostly due to two passions: Photography and Motor racing sports.

Some of this work can be found in some magazines related with motor events, such as EXPOMOTOR and Autosport.

MCaetano.com stands for Miguel Caetano, an amateur photographer who wants to take the perfect moment in motor racing sports.

All the work available in this site does not belong to the public domain and cannot be used, distributed or modified in any circumstances without Miguel Caetano’s written consent.

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Miguel Caetano



Born in the beautiful city of Chaves (north of Portugal), lived there all his childhood and adolescence. Moves to Porto in 2002 to attend the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto. Currently is an ASIC Digital Engineer at Synopsys, Inc..

Like electronics, the passion for photography lives with him from a long time, however, only in 2012 he decided to spend some time on it.

Since then he has been improving some technics and at the same time learn others to allow him to capture great shots!